Year-Round Workshops for Girls

TechARTS for Girls (est. 1999) is a community action project that encourages girls from the city of Buffalo and Erie County to receive an affordable hands-on education in computers, technology and media literacy.

For the current schedule, see below.

Registration must occur at least three days prior to the start date of workshop. Cancelations must take place one week before to receive a refund. No walk-ins accepted. Scholarships are available based on need.

While our website is under construction, please register via phone (716) 884-7172 or contact

TechARTS for Girls has received generous support from Hodgson Russ LLP, Children’s Foundation of Erie County, Ronald McDonald House Charities of WNY, Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation, and the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation.



The Silent Film

January 7–January 28

Saturdays, 10am–1pm


Explore the wild gesticulations and pure joy of silent films by producing one of your own! Students will learn basic video production techniques while familiarizing themselves with the style and legacy of past wizards like George Melies, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin.

  • Video Production Skills
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Film History Literacy

Flashes and Bangs: Trick Films

February 4–February 25

Saturdays, 10am–1pm


The early days of film were packed with innovation and ingenuity as filmmakers tried to stretch these new gadgets to its limits. The “trick film,” which relied on using filmmaking techniques to accomplish what were basically magic tricks, emerged from this experimentation. Students will learn the techniques behind these feats – feats such as making a person vanish, walk on the ceiling, or grow to incredible sizes! – using nothing but basic equipment and household items.

  • DSLR Skills
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Film History Literacy

3D Modeling

March 4–March 25

Saturdays, 10am–1pm


Having visited the early days of film, we turn our attention to the cutting edge of modern technology! 3D modeling is at the core of most video games, animated movies, and advertisements, but is still evolving to this day. This introductory class will acquaint students will the industry-standard software and lead them through the process of producing their own 3D model!

  • Basic Workflow and Tools
  • Pre-visualization and Reference
  • Simple Rendering

Character Animator

April 8–April 29

Saturdays, 10am–1pm


Learn to create, rig, and animate your own puppets in Adobe’s new performative animation program, Character Animator! Control your character’s face with your own face, speak through their mouths, and move their arms and legs with mouse gestures! Additionally, by the end of the course each student will have produced their own short cartoon.

  • Character Design
  • Rigging and Hierarchies
  • Refining Performances

The Music Video

May 6–May 27

Saturdays, 10am–1pm


Students can bring all the skills they’ve gained over the past season to bear in the production of a music video! As a group they’ll produce and edit their own visual accompaniment to local artist Lockedown’s single, “Cracked.” Though students are encouraged to participate via the mediums they’ve learned in previous sessions, newcomers are also welcome!

  • DSLR Skills
  • Video Editing
  • Creative Vision Development

Click here to check out Lockedown’s music!