Summer Youth Creatives

Squeaky Wheel’s award winning youth programs are a perfect addition to your young creatives summer experience. Give them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and access to 21st Century skills and tools that empower them to own their mediated space.

See below for the current schedule.  Space is limited so make sure to sign up today!

Courses are open to youth from grades 5–12. If you have any questions, give us a call at the number below.

Wondering if students can stay at Squeaky in between classes? Teaching aids will be available through the Mayor’s Summer Youth Internship Program to assist instructors and monitor the lab area during the day. Students will never be unsupervised. Feel free to pack a lunch for your child and let them explore some of the tools they’ve learned in class!

For a full day of fun, check out CEPA Gallery’s Summer Art Programs.

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180

Registration must occur at least three days prior to the start date of workshop. Cancelations must take place one week before to receive a refund. No walk-ins accepted.

While our website is under construction, please register via phone (716) 884-7172 or contact

Limited scholarships are available to students. Please contact for more information.



Schedule Summer 2017


Art & Circuits

July 10th – 14th (Mon – Fri 9am-12pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


This workshop will explore the hands on technical side of media art by exposing students to basic circuitry and how it controls digital devices. Students will create interactive media art experiences using hands on learning with circuitry and everyday objects. Combining programming logic and creative problem solving students will create numerous experiences that allow them to control how they interact with digital technology. From controlling video games to digital instruments students will reimagine how they think about digital technology.


Video Art

July 10th – 14th (Mon – Fri 1-4pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


Using the suite of apps from Signal Culture, students will be introduced to the processing of video as a visual object. Students will learn to use the live video processing apps and editing suites to piece together beautiful and creative works. This is a great course for any level of experience and a wonderful way to be introduced to video editing.


Stop Frame Animation

July 17th – 21st (Mon – Fri 9am-12pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


Animation is one of the oldest media arts and is just as prevalent today as it was in the past. This class will teach the history and art of stop-frame animation. Students will learn the magic behind all the tricks of this process and produce their own short animation. They will be introduced to video editing and foley sound production to bring their creations to life.


Experimental Sound

July 17th – 21st (Mon – Fri 1-4pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


This class will explore the art of audio production. Students will learn about the tools and techniques for proper sound recording. Using audio editing software they will learn the processes that allow them control over this medium. Through sonic tours students will collect field recordings and use them to create sonic landscapes that alter the perception of the listener and give them a different understanding of the city. These are the same techniques and tricks used by podcasts and radio stories.


Digital Collage

July 24th – 28th (Mon – Fri 9am-12pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


This workshop will explore the history and impact of collage on the art world and social justice. Using a mix of both Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X, students will learn to create and animate digital collages that explore topics that they want to make a statement about. This course focuses on post-production and animation and will be a benefit to anyone interested in animation or media arts.


Documentary Filmmaking

July 24th – 28th (Mon – Fri 1-4pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


In this workshop students will learn the art of storytelling in the form of a documentary film. Students will be introduced to both the concepts and skill sets involved in crafting an informational and creative documentary. The class will explore a local institution through interviews and visits that will culminate in a short film.


Character Animator

July 31st – August 4th (Mon – Fri 9am-12pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


Learn to create, rig, and animate your own puppets in Adobe’s new performative animation program, Character Animator! Control your character’s face with your own face, speak through their mouths, and move their arms and legs with mouse gestures! Additionally, by the end of the course each student will have produced their own short cartoon.


Social VR

July 31st – August 4th (Mon – Fri 1-4pm)

Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180


This workshop will introduce students to 360° video production and virtual reality augmentation. Students will work with 360° video cameras and explore the history of Canal Side in downtown Buffalo. They will then edit and use software to augment the short films into their own virtual experiences.