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summer 2010 Events & Exhibitions

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Meg Knowles: Retro-Spectacle!
Sat., Jun. 5th at 7:30 pm       Location: Squeaky Wheel
Cost: $6 non-members / $4 members

Squeaky Wheel's HERE & NOW Regional Artist Showcase features media artists and filmmakers who reside in the Western New York area. This summer, a special retrospective showcase highlighting films and videos by Meg Knowles will take place at Squeaky Wheel (712 Main St) on Saturday, June 5th, starting at 7:30pm with a new installation on view 'Retro-Spectacle' and a screening of select video and film work from an impressive catalogue spanning almost 20 years worth of work!
Ranging from experimental to narrative documentary, Meg Knowles' captivation with the strangeness of the human condition reveals her uncanny ability to weave humor and sentimentality into poignant vignettes. Translating personal stories, questioning  the essence of chance, societal norms and charismatic personalities, this Retro-Spectacle unfolds a remarkable progression of work that has grown deeply intimate over time.

Walk,  16mm film, 2006, 3:00 minutes, What happens when I am trying to make a film that is not about my cat.
Crush,  DV, 1 minute, 2001.  You’ve probably had one, too.
Christmas Past, mini-dv, 2000, 4:00 minutes.  Personal history, family and holiday traumas: a collection of Christmas memories.  A diary gone awry.
Elephant Talk
, mini-DV, 2000, 5 minutes.  What if animals obsessively thought about their bodies the way humans do?  In this fanciful tape, we are invited into the depths of the Kenya jungle to see what is really on elephants' minds.
Cure By Pill, Hi-8, 1997, 5:40 minutes.  Based on several years of research on women and mental illness, “Cure by Pill” consists of sampled and collaged excerpts from articles in The American Journal of Psychiatry (1850-1940), patient diaries and letters, histories and personal memoires of mental patients, and roughly traces the history of the medicalization of these illnesses.
Also – MMPI: True/False, Other Summers, A Part of the Gods, a new installation, Retro-Spectacle, made at the Experimental TV Center, and documentation of a special Backyard Ron Ehmke Performance on the colors of Terrorism!
About the Artist:

A Producer of more than 40 short documentary films, Meg Knowles is an Assistant Professor of Media Production in the Communication Department at Buffalo State College.  Her award winning films have been screened at festivals, galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art, Anthology Film Archives, Portland PDX Film Festival, the Athens International Film & Video Festival  (1st Prize, Experimental Documentary Category) as well as on Free Speech TV and PBS.  She is also a longtime Producer and Director for Termite TV Collective’s “Living Documentary” series.
Meg has recently served as a judge for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Emmy Awards (Editing Category) and for the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Award (Television Documentary category).  She sits on the Board of Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center as well as on the Collection Committee of the Burchfield Penney Art Center, and is on the Selection Committee for the Women’s International Film Festival.
Meg has a BA in Art History from Vassar College, an MA in Media Study from the University at Buffalo and an MFA in Film Media Arts from Temple University.
"I am an experimental and documentary media artist, using film and video to explore the intersections of past, present and future in both the personal and collective memory/imagination.  I see video as a tool similar to the camera obscura used by the Dutch painters that initially sparked my interest in depicting non-fiction subjects.  Video manipulates our interpretation of the real moment in time with a seemingly precise mechanical intervention which ultimately distorts its subject matter to suit the maker, viewer and politics of the historical moment.

In one vein of my work, I have produced a series of anecdotal autobiographical shorts reflecting on seemingly small moments or experiences that are simultaneously private and universal.   A second vein focuses on the relation of history to place, in films and installations that situate movements, events or actions (i.e. the evolution of Niagara Falls, the Pan American Exposition, the First Women’s Rights Convention, artistic production) in the context of geography or landscape and the cultural zeitgeist."
-Meg Knowles
The images featured are still images excerpted from Retro-Spectacle (video installation) and Walk (2006, 16mm film), images courtesy of Meg Knowles.

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