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summer 2011 Events & Exhibitions

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Squeaky Wheel's Outdoor Animation Festival featuring Brent Green
Thu., Aug. 4th at 8:30 pm       Location: Days Park

Squeaky Wheel's 8th Annual Outdoor Animation Festival is a free public event, held at Days Park (at Allen Street & Wadsworth) in conjunction with the Buffalo Infringement Festival. Bring a blanket, a picnic basket, and enjoy these beautiful films under the stars – biking to this event is encouraged!

This year, we will screen the work of animator Brent Green, who is currently taking part in Hallwalls Artist in Residence Project (HARP), which is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Squeaky Wheel's 8th Annual Outdoor Animation Festival is made possible by support from The Andy Warhol Foundation, NY State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), and M&T Bank.

***Prior to the Nervous Films will be a screening featuring short of emerging animators, which is suitable for all audiences. The featured Brent Green program of shorts is recommended for ages 11 and up. For a preview of some of the work and content, visit http://site.nervousfilms.com/ ***

NOTE: In the case of rain, this event will be held indoors at Squeaky Wheel (712 Main), starting at 9pm. If this should occur, we will post the decision online (www.squeaky.org) at 5pm the day of the screening.

FILMS TO BE SHOWN DURING THE EMERGING ARTIST SPOTLIGHT, featuring works from Singapore, Berlin and cities across the United States!

The Invisible Highway / by Benjamin Arthur
Look up at the sky and what do you see? Well, blue, yes. And maybe a plane or a bird, but otherwise ... nothing. Or so you think. It turns out that right above you, totally invisible, is an enormous herd of animal life -- tiny bugs riding the wind currents.

Bottle / by Kirsten Lepore
Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle. Watch how this video was made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkgJ6R0S_H8

Motorcycles, Travel & Family / by Jordan Zielke
Using family photos and animation, the film tells the story of two generations of family motorcycle experiences.

Liquid Lasers / by Dax Norman
a visual music collaboration between Dax Norman (visual) and Neil Anderson-Himmelspach (music).

Bell’s Petshop / by Bella Dwimaryanto
The short movie is of a bored bunny who tries his best to get noticed because he is bored of his current lifestyle. It was very bored that anything could be a source of distraction for it. And one day a butterfly appears.

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? / by Benjamin Arthur
Try this: Put a blindfold on someone, take them to a park or a beach or a meadow and ask them to walk for as long as they can in a straight line. Then watch what happens in this animation made for NPR. Narration by Robert Krulwich.

And So We Sing… / by Dax Norman
Created in honor of Dr Martin Luther King's birthday, 2011, for the Peace Through Pie celebration in Austin, Texas. Music by Andrew Stoltz: http://andrewstoltz.com

Maniman / by Alex Gellner

Two brothers know an old man since ever. He, of course, has a man inside him and in this man another man. They live in friendly symbiosis. Then they die one after another. The kids are the first to notice. This short film explores the theme of aging and death from a child-like point of view, giving it the most distant and natural touch possible.Story & voice Roland Brückner, animation Alexander Gellner.

Once Upon a Time in the Woods / by Benjamin Arthur
A rotoscoped animation using unscripted footage from a hike in the woods with my 6 year old brother Julian. I rotoscoped it by hand drawing every frame, using a wacom tablet, even the titles.

Frames / by Martin Thoburn

A short mixed media animation about a character who is thrust into different worlds after discovering the artificiality of his own world.



 Benjamin Arthur: I've been lucky for the past ten years to have been able to draw and animate for a living, my work has been featured in many film festivals, published in magazines, won advertising awards, been on television, and recently I've been lucky to work with National Public Broadcasting to create several animated shorts and illustrations for their science department. I look forward to having more animated and illustrated adventures in the future, and hopefully someday I'll get that spaceship I've always wanted. http://vocaleyes.com/benarthur/

Bella Dwimaryanto is an internationally educated, born in Indonesia, who is currently residing in Singapore. She has traveled a fair bit and gains her inspiration from her experiences and the simpler things. She appreciates the technical aspect of animation and pays close attention to detail. Bella is recently graduated with a degree in Animation at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore (2011).

Alexander Gellner is a Berlin-based designer. He studied communication design in Berlin and has been working as directing animator and illustrator since 2005. He draws and animates pretty well and tries to only drink one cup of coffee a day and go to more yoga classes. With fellow artist friend Roland Bruckner, Gellner co-founded bitteschön.tv, a creative studio focused on narration and picture, moving or still. http://www.gellnerism.com/

Kirsten Lepore is a freelance animator and director based in the LA area. 2010 stop-motion short, “Bottle,” just received the first ever Student Annie Award, as well as taking top prizes at Slamdance, the Stuttgart Animation festival, Florida Film Fest, Vimeo Awards, Anim’est, Stop Motion Film Festival and many others.  Her 2008 animated film "Sweet Dreams" won the Special Jury Award at SXSW in 2009 and LACMA's Young Director award in 2010.  Recently, Animation Magazine and Focus Features featured her as a rising talent. She received her MFA from CalArts. http://kirstenlepore.tumblr.com/

Dax Norman (b. October 5, 1980, Houston, Texas, USA) is a contemporary artist who primarily works in painting and animation. He has an Advertising degree from the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication and a Computer Animation degree from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. http://www.daxnorman.com

Martin Thoburn is a pluralist artist working in a variety of different media.  With a background in Graphic Design, Animation and Digital Media, Martin has produced and directed several short films, both animated and live action.  Determined not to be confined to any one medium, Martin continually explores photography, live video mixing, design, collage, animation and motion graphics. His film FRAMES just got accepted by the Ottawa Animation Festival and recently screened at the 49th Ann Arbor Film Festival. http://www.martin-thoburn.com/

Jordan Zielke is a graduate from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. His work was recently shown at the 49th Ann Arbor Film Festival. After making his video, he landed his dream job doing layout and photography at a national motorcycle mag called The Horse. Read about his motorcycle travels and adventures at: www.RoadCouchMotherShip.blogspot.com

//// Information about the Featured Artist, Brent Green:

Brent Green is a story teller, a singer, songwriter, and a master at creating animated stories using captivating drawings and figurines that he crafts himself. Often referred to as a genius do-it-yourself filmmaker, his films are marked by their gestural movements and dark themes. Brent’s stories explore the paradox of life, death, and everything in between. His aesthetic favors imperfection over slickness. His narrations come as spur of the moment thoughts recorded throughout his daily life. In addition to the ebb-and-flow of life's uncertainties, Green cites Kurt Vonnegut as a significant influence in his work and actively works out of a barn in Cressona, Pennsylvania

Green began his career filming short stop-motion animations and in April 2010 finished his first stop-motion feature length film entitled Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. As a multi-talented artist, Brent Green composes original scores for his films and frequently stages synchronized performances with screenings of his work. His live performances pair his poetic, animated drawings with his own musical narrative, often recorded with members of Fugazi, Califone, and Wilco.

His work has been a regular feature at many film festivals, including Sundance (2006-09), BAM Next Wave (2007), and the Rotterdam International (2006). He has performed at the Wexner Center, Columbus (2006), the J. Paul Getty Museum of Art, Los Angeles (2006), and The Kitchen, New York (2008). Other recent solo exhibitions include: SITE Sante Fe (2009); Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis (2008); Sculpture Center, Cleveland (2007); Bellwether Gallery, New York (2007). In 2005, Green was the recipient of a grant from Creative Capital. His relentless energy has earned him the attention of leading museums and film institutions such as the MoMA, the Hammer Museum, and the IFC. Independent publication, Filmmaker Magazine, recently dubbed him as one of their top favorite young filmmakers and he recently scored a featured interview in Art in America.

Presented in collaboration with Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, this program of films serves as a precursor to a Fall visit to Buffalo by the artist.  Green is one of the artists chosen this year to take part in Hallwalls Artist Residency Program (HARP), which is funded by both the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

//// Films to be shown:

Hadacol Christmas

Claus invents Christmas with a belly full of cough syrup and a head full of dying crows. This film screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006.

Weird Carolers

Weird Carolers, a short film about Beethoven near the end of his life. This film has screened during Mike Plante’s Lunchfilms section at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009.

Paulina Hollers
A religious zealot mother kills herself to try and find her dead son and escape with him from Hell. Music by Brent Green and Jim Becker.

My Aunt Carlin moved in with us when I was a kid- she had diabetes and really wanted to die. Carlin was shot stop-motion, with life-sized wooden characters and stuffed chickens, in the farmhouse where Brent Green grew up.

NOTE: In the case of rain, this event will be held indoors at Squeaky Wheel (712 Main), starting at 9pm. If this should occur, we will post the decision online (www.squeaky.org) at 5pm the day of the screening.