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summer 2011 Events & Exhibitions

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E-Poetry 2011: Digital Poetry & Experimental Videos
Tue., May. 17th at 7:00 pm       Location:
Cost: $7 non-members / $5 members

Squeaky Wheel is delighted to host the opening night of the E-Poetry 2011 International Digital Language & Media Arts Festival. The evening begins at 7pm with presentations and performances of interactive digital poetry by Alan Bigelow, Nick Montfort, Stephanie Strickland, Mark Marino and Martha Deed. A screening of video poetry and experimental videos will follow the performances at 8pm, featuring videos by Aya Karpinska, Loss Penqueño Glazier, Lara Odell, Koji Tambata, Maria Mencia, Jax Deluca, Ottar Ormstad, Anna Scime, Niels Plenge, Siew-Wai Kok, Anya Lewin, Ghen Dennis and Stephanie Gray. E-Poetry 2011 will continue throughout the week with panel discussions, multimedia installations, performances and poetry readings taking place through May 21st at multiple venues in Buffalo. For more information about E-Poetry 2011, visit their web site at http://epc.buffalo.edu/e-poetry/2011/index.html.



"This Is Not A Poem"  by Alan Bigelow

"Sea and Spar Between"  by Nick Montfort and Stephanie Strickland

"L.A. Flood"  by Mark Marino

"Celebrating Millie"  by Martha Deed< 

Sandy Baldwin, Moderator


 starts at 8pm (55 minutes)

"You know they want to disappear Hell's Kitchen as Clinton" by Stephanie Gray
17 minutes

"In Solitude, a camera eye" by Siew-wai Kok
4.5 minutes

"When" by Ottar Ormstad
7 minutes

"Kill Your Lovers" by Jax Deluca
2.5 minutes

"The Earth is Bleeding" by Ghen Dennis
4.5 minutes

"Music Works Two" by Koji Tambata
4 minutes

"Lesson Two: Language as an Existential Perspective" by Anya Lewin
7 minutes

"The Winning Woman" by Lara Odell
3.5 minutes

"Overheard" by Aya Karpinska
5 minutes