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Watch This Wednesday w/ Dan Organ + John Toohill
* a free secret movie event *
Wed., Feb. 6th at 7:00 pm       Location: Squeaky Wheel


This season, Squeaky is inviting friends and fellow film fans from all corners of Buffalo to take control of the microcinema and share some tasty, sneaky, hard-to-see and possibly at moments hard-to-watch favorites. Watch This Wednesdays are free and fun but not always family friendly.

February's mystery selection will be presented by Dan Organ and John Toohill. They share a couple of quotes which communicate the general ambiance of their chosen film:

"I don't DO junk... I AM Junk!"

"I hate anything natural."

"Comas. It's sorta like being in a mall."

And here's what Squeaky's Executive Director Jax Deluca says about why she asked John (who brought along Dan) to curate a film for this Watch This Wednesday:

"For many years, Mr. John Toohill, the beloved bar-meister at Pano's restaurant on Elmwood Avenue, has remained an authority on defining the hip, obscure, subversive, and compelling. He currently hosts a popular Wednesday movie night at Pano's Restaurant, so we thought it would be a natural fit for him to host an evening at The Wheel!"